Fic Collage: October in the Railroad Earth


This was a freewrite from my creative writing class at my community college back in 2012. I had fun with this one, drawing inspiration from Catch Me If You Can. Going through it again.. it’s not as bad as I thought? Might work on it again.. we’ll see.


Prompt: Write a scene inspired by the first few lines of October in the Railroad Earth by Jack Kerouac

I was walking on the sidewalk with nothing in my pocket but an unused train ticket and a handful of luck. Midnight, with nowhere to go. The pavement glistened with the remnants of evening rain, the lights casting a dim path to a lively urban nightlife. It was an empty night. But it was a better view than the scene I had just came from. I continued briskly up the street, before the last moments of what had happened solidified into a memory.

Don’t they ever get tired of it, I thought angrily. The screams of frustration echoed in the hollows of my head, my mother’s voice a shrill soprano. My father returned her tirade with the usual threats and swig of whiskey. Face contorted in rage and beads of sweat on his temple, he raised his ham-like fist in the air as the other hand gripped a handful of fabric from the front of my mother’s dress. This time, there was no restraint. His arm lunged at her, but I was too quick; I had pushed him with such force I knocked him to the ground. His eyes locked with mine, and at the moment I knew I crossed the most forbidden of lines.

Fic Collage is a collection featuring scraps of undeveloped scenes, chapters, or short stories.  


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