Fic Collage: Sixth Period


It was frustrating every time I tried to take a look at him, because I knew his attention was fixed on another set of eyes that weren’t mine. I knew I was being jealous, but a part of me felt I had every right to; Ezra was the best person I knew, and best is exactly what he deserves. It’s weird because I didn’t even notice him until the middle of the semester in our political science class. He was eccentric, like me, but exuded intellect and sophistication in a way I never can. From the way he spoke about his convictions during lecture I could tell that he believed in every impassioned word. He was magnetic and I was attracted to every aspect of him. If only he paid as much attention to me as the one who I was trying so hard to ignore.

I sat a few rows away, but I didn’t have to glance to know exactly who he was looking at. Rolling my own eyes, I gave in and glared at the back of her head, because I couldn’t understand just what exactly about Emma that attracted so much male attention. Vain, shallow, devoid of a personality.. I resented the fact that she was everything he was not. She had this shrill, cackling laugh that reminded me of a banshee, and serpentine blonde waves that would’ve been fit for Medusa. Hearing her voice was like swallowing a mouthful of glazed sugar. Those fingernails never failed to tap rhythmically across her desk during lecture, playing notes of blatant boredom. It wouldn’t be accurate to say she wasn’t smart, but her eloquence in class was a veneer of substance, masked by a delicate inflection designed to entice an audience. Typical Queen Bee and her sweet toxicity. 

Fic Collage is a collection featuring scraps of undeveloped scenes, chapters, or short stories.


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